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National Ranking

New Competitions have been set up to find the top ten 'A' point earners within each Ranking, split into male and female, during a current year. These results are updated on a monthly basis.

The Baden Wilson (for which there is a trophy) is for the top 'A' point earners in a calendar year based on points earned in New Zealand (Australian competitions do not count, therefore any awards from Australian competitions will be subtracted from the total at the conclusion of the calendar year).

Here is the 16 April 2012  Ranks report.

The following are some highlights of Hamilton Club members (apologies to any we have overlooked).

Gold Grand Masters

  • Barry Jones is 2nd male
  • Ian Clayton is 5th male

Silver Grand Masters

  • Jenny Millington is 1st female
  • Cynthia Clayton is 2nd female
  • Barry Jones is 2nd male.

Grand Masters

  • Blair Fisher is 4th male
  • Liz Fisher is 10th female

National Masters

  • Allison Smith is 6th female.


  • Gary Foidl is 8th male

Provincial Masters

  • Natalie Muller is 7th= female
  • Maureen O'Halloran is 7th= female

Club Masters

  • Elaine Rayner is 9th female,
  • Nick Yeoman is 8th= male.

Baden Wilson Men:

  • Barry Jones 3rd

  • Blair Fisher 7th

Baden Wilson Women:

  • Jenny Millington 1st
  • Liz Fisher 18th

  • Cynthia Clayton.31st