Akarana Bridge Club 2009

Roster and guidelines for duty teams 2009


Duty Team


Douglas Russell & Committee members


Gary Chen, Jill Church and Tony Morcom


Alan Morris, Bev Morris, Jane Morris


Bev Henton, Douglas Russell, Tamar Turnwald


Mary Chamberlain, Trevor Robb 


Henk Egelmeer, Christine Lawrence 


  Tipa Goodwin, Richard Solomon


Mark Hangartner 


  Susan Humphries, Nick Jacob






Guidelines for duty teams 2009

Three members are rostered each month to set up the playing area and kitchen. It is expected that they will organise substitutes if they are unable to be present. One of these people should receive a set of keys from the previous team.

Playing area

    1. Before the first match: put out appropriate score sheets, set out table numbers and bidding boxes, distribute Boards 1-14 (two sets distributed as evenly as possible clockwise round the room), lay out 2 side tables per table (NB – in the event of a 3-way team match, these will be played on the bottom 3 tables, and will require an additional set of boards not used in the rest of the room);
    2. Between matches – collect Boards 1-14 and lay out Boards 15-28;
    3. After play – collect and put away all boards, put away all bridge supplies in cupboards, collect and store side tables, turn out lights and lock all doors;


    1. Before play – set up coffee machine, check supplies, set out snacks, glasses, tea sugar cups, alcohol, display price list, check till float is available;
    2. After play – put all supplies away, wash and put away dishes, glasses, etc, lock kitchen cupboard, fridge and storage cupboards.

NB: Richard is in overall charge of the playing area set-up, and will know the number of tables, match draw, etc. Pre-dealt boards and hand records will be provided by Tony. Tamar is in overall charge of kitchen supplies, etc.